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Perforated Metal

We are perforators backed by 140 years of metal perforating experience.  We can produce unlimited patterns from standard to intricate configurations in round, square, oval and rectangular shapes. Material options include stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, galvanized, brass, copper, plastic, paper, and foil-- delivered in sheets or coils. We also offer in-house cleaning/degreasing and deburring/polishing services.

Equipment Capabilities


Watch how Hendrick's high-speed CNC press makes perforated metal

Our high-speed perforating equipment is capable of punching material up to 60” wide in thickness ranging from .002” to 0.25“. Punch hole size dimensions are from 0.020” to 2.0” in diameter and can punch several hundred holes per stroke, up to 600 strokes per minute.

Our additional perforating presses punch material up to 96” wide, in thicknesses up to 0.75" and can punch hole sizes up to 8” diameter. These presses allow us to perforate metal in a variety of custom/radius configurations.

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  • Powder milling screen
    Powder milling screen
  • Shelf for incubator
    Shelf for incubator
  • Perforated metal signage
    Perforated metal signage for Penn Highlands Community College, Johnstown, PA
  • Corrugated metal
    Corrugated and perforated panel