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Security Screens

Security Screens

Public safety is a growing concern throughout the world. Keeping schools, hospitals, prisons and retail stores safe from vandalism and theft is an ongoing dilemma. Hendrick provides the solution with an impenetrable barrier, yet the perforations allow visibility. We have the unique capability of perforating thicker materials than other suppliers, while still adhering to the cosmetic requirements. When it comes to perforating, we truly "do it all," perforating 2mm foil all the way up to 3/4" metal. 


  • Roll-up Doors
  • Window Guards
  • Detention Screens
  • Security Storage

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  • Security Screens
    Perforated metal enclosure allows visibility while securing area.
  • Detail of perforated security panel; provides security with a decorative feature.
  • Perforated security door.
  • Close up view of a perforated panel in a roll-up security door.