The Hendrick Story

Eli Hendrick, our founder, received the seed money for Hendrick Manufacturing by selling some oil refining patents to John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil Company. Eli took that money and developed the All-Across Perforating Press used in Coal Mining and began Hendrick Manufacturing in 1876. One hundred thirty six years later, Hendrick is still going strong and is still a family owned company.

We have great pride in the entrepreneurship of our founder and our ability to change as this country’s needs have changed.

Today, the Hendrick family of companies provides fully integrated solutions for the perforating, screening and fabricating of metal products.We have locations in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Illinois. We have partnered with many of the top architects, construction companies and projects to produce essential metal fabricated products that contribute to their success.

We believe that our customer service, engineering and manufacturing are second to none, and, with our dedication to Lean Manufacturing Methods, we strive to be the best at what we do. Our broad based knowledge in dealing with over 20 different industries gives us a unique perspective on the latest manufacturing technology and applications, while allowing our expertise in one or more areas to transfer success to other customers’ applications and projects.

our companies:

  • Hendrick Metal Products
  • Hendrick Scree Co
  • Hendrick Manufacturing
  • Hendrick Architectural Products